Candida Auris Is One Of The Most Feared Hospital Superbugs

Candida Auris is a drugs resistant fungus. This was discovered by the scientists in the last decade. Since then it has become a terror to the hospitals. This microbe has caused several epidemics around the globe. According to a new research, the microbes grow more under higher temperatures environment. The US Centers for Disease Control& Prevention (CDC) has approached the medical teams for in-depth research in this area. This research will help identify people who are more prone to get infected with Candida Auris.

Candida Auris is a type of yeast. This is responsible for causing infections in people. Candida Albicans, which is known to cause thrush and Candida Auris are of the same species. This microbe was first seen in the ear canal of a patient. It was first discovered in the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital of Japan. The incident took place in 2009. Usually, the Candida species of yeasts reside on the human skin. These yeasts are not known to cause any harm unless these get into places like the lungs and the blood stream. The Candida microbes can also cause infections in the central nervous system, internal organs and the respiratory tract.

These infections are generally fatal and almost 60% of the population across the world, who have been infected by this yeast, could not survive. The key reason for this high mortality rate is, the infections are immune to the available medicines. Moreover, Candida Auris is most of the times diagnosed as a different kind of infection. So the wrong course of treatment also kills the patient. Dr. Elaine Cloutman Green, who is working as a practitioner in the infection control department informed that several British hospitals have encountered this infection. They have asked for help from the Public Health England. She also advised that cleaning is the best solution to this issue.

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